Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine contracted Dishout IT Solutions to develop the First Nations Diabetes Surveillance System (FNDSS).

The FNDSS is a web-based surveillance application that tracks type 2 diabetes and complication rates over time in First Nations communities. The goal of the surveillance system is to monitor and track diabetes rates so that informed decisions can be made to improve community care. The FNDSS is being piloted in five First Nations communities across Canada.

  • Data capture at a granular level.
  • Custom reports and graphs including dashboards and click-through graphs.
  • Integrated blog, forum and survey.
  • Data entry validation.
  • Activity report which can be viewed by an Administrator to see which communities are entering datawhat and how often.

Welcome page of the First Nations Diabetes Surveillance System

Creating a new patient

Data entry validation

Creating a new surveillance form

Integrated blog

Integrated forum

The Reports screen lists all the predefined reports divided into Reports, Graphs and Dashboards. User-defined graphs would be displayed below.

Sample graph

Target dashboard

Summary report with alerts (e.g. value underlined in red if it is outside of the acceptable range)

All reports are click-through reports. In the above graph the BMI >= 40 bar can be clicked on and the data for the 14 patients will be displayed in report form.

Report that results from clicking on the BMI >= 40 bar on the previous graph. Each of the 14 lines is clickable and will take you to the individual patient record.

The graph wizard guides the user through the process of creating user-defined graphs

Patient records can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet

Data can be exported from the system into an Excel spreadsheet