Healthy & Safety Watch

Intelligent Health Solutions Inc., a Guelph-based technology company, created Health & Safety Watch, a web-based program that provides comprehensive information to keep people safe. Health & Safety Watch is an innovative service which allows users to easily discover significant news about food, water and drugs, product recalls, disease outbreaks, and many other concerns. Currently, Health & Safety Watch focuses only on Canadian events.

Intelligent Health Solutions Inc. contracted Dishout IT Solutions to assist in the development of the Health & Safety Watch website.

  • Dishout IT Solutions' Code Generator was used to generate the data access layer, verify the database and manage test data.
  • Health & Safety watch website is functional in all major web browsers including Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome and Safari.

Health & Safety Watch in Google Chrome

Health & Safety Watch in Firefox

Health & Safety Watch in
Internet Explorer 6

Health & Safety Watch in
Internet Explorer 7

Health & Safety Watch in
Internet Explorer 8

Health & Safety Watch in Safari