Children's Health Research Institute

The Children's Health Research Institute, part of the Lawson Health Research Institute and one of the largest children's research institutes in Canada, created the Translational Research Centre (TRC). The TRC will help shorten the time frames from scientific discovery to direct application on specific clinical problems. The primary focus is on children's health research.

Dishout IT Solutions developed a disconnected desktop application to gather samples (e.g. blood) and a web application which researchers can access to view samples that have been collected for their studies.

  • Disconnected desktop application that synchronizes with a web database when connected.
  • Dynamic forms that allows researchers to define custom fields based on the data they want to collect on a per study basis.
  • Developed a generic way to capture lab data in a structured fashion
  • De-identified clinical database to correlate with tissue specimens.
  • Clinical data entered is encrypted and automatically uploaded to a secure server
  • Clinical data/tissue specimens accessible to researcher via secure remote web access login
  • Clinical data collected can be modified to suit a researcher's needs

Sample screen showing all the aliquots

Data entry form

Lab entry form

User-defined fields in desktop application

Opening a sample in the web application

Sample details screen in the web application

Data extract window - note the Excel style scrolling with both x and y scrolling with the header frozen

Sample report

Creating a report online